Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops

“As leaders of the field of personality and emotional development, Heather and Anne are a 'must have' for a keynote or conference speaker. Anyone wanting to learn how to alleviate self-destructive patterns of behavior and develop their full capacity will benefit.”

Their unique ability to make complicated psychological concepts easy to understand as well as exciting makes Heather and Anne highly sought after speakers with local, national and international groups of corporate leaders, educators, parents and healthcare providers. Together or individually, they provide keynote addresses, lectures, workshops, live video streaming and webcasts. 

Dynamic and Inspiring

Heather has been a keynote speaker at a variety of conferences, workshops and events. Frequently sought out by groups looking for new insight presented in a compelling manner, Heather has delivered highly-rated presentations on a variety of topics specifically tailored to the needs and interests of her audience.

Our training has enabled executives, entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals at all levels to transform they way they work and bring about more meaningful results in their organizations, on their teams and in their own lives.

Ideal for Any Forum

We offer a variety of topics for keynotes and other speaking forums including corporate or personal retreats, team workshops, networking events, and personal development programs. We have a wide range of Striving Styles topics that can be customized to meet any groups' needs. Our workshops are practical, and provide participants with learning and tools they can immediately apply to become who they are meant to be. Your audiences won't be disappointed. [READ MORE...>](/about-our-audiences)

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If you are interested in inviting us to speak to your group or at your event, or for more information about Striving Styles workshops, please e-mail us at speaking@strivingstyles.com.

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Watch excerpts from a recent training workshop. If you are looking for a speaker for an event or would like more information about our workshops, contact us.

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“Being in the ‘speaking business’ I have an informed perspective. In my opinion, Heather Hilliard is a powerful speaker with an important message.

Heather’s speaking skills and approach offers outstanding content and learning that is unique in today's world of the 'canned' speech.

If you have the chance to hire her, go for it; if you have the chance to hear her, take it!”

Geoffrey X Lane, Speaking Coach for Vancouver 2010 Bid

I am excited to share that our book, Who Are You Meant to Be; A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your True Potential will be featured on…
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I am excited to share that my book, Who Are You Meant to Be; A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your True Potential will be featured on …
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