Organizational & Leadership Development Services

Organizational & Leadership Development Services

Eliminate dysfunction and break longstanding patterns of behavior that get in the way of individual, team, leadership and organizational development. Access our behavioral change expertise and leverage the power of the Striving Styles to take your business to the next level.

Every organization wants to maximize the potential of their leaders and employees in order to achieve superior results. In fact, significant investments are made in programs that aim to improve performance by changing the way leaders, employees or teams behave.

Maximize the Potential of Your Talent

By incorporating the Striving Styles into your organizational development programs, you will:

  • Quickly move leaders from “knowing” to “doing”

  • Eliminate dysfunction and power struggles in teams and across functions

  • Shift organizational culture, including longstanding employee habits of mind

  • Minimize resistance to change and increase rate of adoption

  • Build high performance teams and organizational culture

  • Foster high levels of employee engagement and career satisfaction

  • Select, promote and retain the right talent for your business


Our Services

We offer a unique lens for managing talent and developing organizational effectiveness based on the latest findings in neuroscience, emotional intelligence and personality type. Our brain-based approach to development shows employees and leaders how to leverage their full brain while harnessing their emotions to bring about sustainable development and behavioral change. 

Leadership Development & Coaching  

Team Dynamics & Performance  

Employee Engagement & Development

T&D: Leveraging Personality & the Brain

Career Planning, Learning & Competencies

Organizational Culture & Change

Selection & Succession

Wellness & Mental Health

Personal Growth & Relationship Effectiveness

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Learn more about the expertise of our practitioners and their track record in eliminating dysfunction in organizations.

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Already using the MBTI? Leverage your knowledge of Type while bringing the power of neuro-science to your approach with the brain-based approach of the Striving Styles.

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I am excited to share that our book, Who Are You Meant to Be; A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your True Potential will be featured on…
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I am excited to share that my book, Who Are You Meant to Be; A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your True Potential will be featured on …
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