Interpretation Webinar - The Adventurer

Interpretation Webinar - The Adventurer

Bring your Adventurer Style to life with this webinar.

This interpretation webinar is full of stories and anecdotes about the Adventurer Striving Style. It allows you to deepen your understanding of the innate needs that drive the behavior of an Adventurer Style and how to move from self-protective to self-actualizing behaviors. It supports you to build greater self-awareness of your Style and the role it plays in your life.

Learn how the Need to Be Spontaneous is met in an Adventurer's life, including what it means, what it results in them creating, how it motivates their behavior, and key implications. Gain an understanding of the key qualities of an Adventurer, as well as how they seek to get their need met at home and in leisure, in their relationships and work.
What you will learn in this webinar:
  1. How the Adventurer’s brain is organized and the mental processes that dominate their behavior;
  2. How and why the left emotional brain governs the way the Adventurer Striving Style experiences life;
  3. How we end up living life on automatic pilot; 
  4. Why we protect ourselves with predictable self-protective behaviors and why it is normal to do so;
  5. The key self-protective behaviors of the Adventurer and how they shift to the Self-Actualizing System of the brain, developing new habits of mind. 
Who should view this webinar:
  1. Anyone who has Adventurer as their Predominant Style;
  2. Anyone who has Adventurer on their Striving Style Squad;
  3. Anyone who is in a relationship with an Adventurer Style (e.g., spouse, boss, child);
  4. Anyone who is interested in using the Striving Styles with clients.

Note: Purchasing and reading the General Report for this Style is highly recommended prior to participating in this webinar. The information in the webinar is different from what is provided in the report. This webinar does not include developmental recommendations for the Style.



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