Workshop: Enhance Your Relationships (Toronto)

Workshop: Enhance Your Relationships (Toronto)

Ready to Get the Relationships You Were Meant to Have?

This powerful in-person workshop is a unique opportunity to enrich the quality of all of your relationships by understanding who you are meant to be in relation to others, how you bond, and the predominant need that must be met in order for you to thrive. Come and learn how the Striving Styles can help you change dysfunctional relationship patterns that get in the way of your happiness in relationships. 

By understanding our own needs and those of others, you can minimize judgment and blame in your relationships, and instead develop meaningful relationships and the ability to tolerate and resolve interpersonal conflict. When you learn to negotiate to get your need met rather than fighting for what you aren’t getting, you create fulfilling and rewarding relationships with others.

During this workshop you will learn:

  •   An overview of the Striving Styles Personality System including the 8 Striving Styles
  •   Relationship behaviors of each of the Striving Styles
  •   The role of the brain in relationships 
  •   Depersonalizing conflict by understanding the Striving Styles of others
  •   How to rewire dysfunctional relationship patterns
  •   How to dissolve the feelings linked to negative, self-limiting interpretations and beliefs
  •   To better understand and effectively manage conflict in your relationships.

Learn the keys to recognizing and transforming dysfunctional relationship patterns by learning about yourself:

  • how to get your predominant need met in relationships
  • what emotionally driven behaviors emerge when you feel hurt, insecure or anxious or when your predominant need is frustrated by others (self-protective behavior)
  • how to ask for what you need…… and more

Learning about others:

  • understanding the predominant need of others as different from your own
  • responding appropriately to their predominant need (even when it frustrates your own)
  • tolerating the differences without making the other person wrong… and more

Don’t Leave Getting Your Needs Met to Chance

Knowing what you need in a relationship shifts you from blaming others and teaches you how to negotiate to get your needs met. The Striving Styles Personality System shows you what your predominant need is and how you go about trying to get that need met in relationships. Being conscious of your predominant need helps you manage your own behavior when it’s not being met and gives you the power to do something about it. It shows you what part of your brain you are forming relationships with and how you can develop the skills and capacity for intimacy, negotiation and conflict management using the SSPS Developmental Framework.

Stop recreating the same dysfunctional relationships. Register today and see how the Striving Styles Personality System can help! This workshop is ideal for both individuals and couples. 

Workshop registration price includes SSPS Level I Assessment & Digital Relationship Report for your Style. Details will be provided upon registration. Bring a spouse, partner or friend & save $75 on the second registration! Use Code: REL-2012.

I am excited to share that our book, Who Are You Meant to Be; A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your True Potential will be featured on…
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I am excited to share that my book, Who Are You Meant to Be; A Revolutionary Approach to Achieving Your True Potential will be featured on …
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