Launch Party - Who Are You Meant to Be?

Launch Party - Who Are You Meant to Be?

Book Celebrates Integrated Personality Assessment Approach by Prominent Mother-Daughter Team

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Toronto, Ontario; December 27, 2012 - Who Are You Meant to Be?, by clinical psychotherapist Anne Dranitsaris Ph.D and Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard, will be launched at a Book Launch Party January 10, 2013 at the Verity Club - Toronto Room, 111d Queen Street East in Toronto, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Integrating recent breakthroughs in brain science with a fresh take on how personality affects behavior, this book gets people on the path to achieving their potential and becoming who they are meant to be. The authors will be present at the Launch Party to sign copies of the book.

Who Are You Meant to Be? is based on the Striving Styles Personality System, the first major update to personality assessments since the popular Myers-Briggs system was introduced 70 years ago. Embraced by thought leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, the Striving Styles Personality System is based on the assertion that each of us is born with a predominant need and pattern of energy that determines how we will behave in order to have our needs met.

The Striving Styles Personality System, and its creators, Anne and Heather, have been prominently featured in the media as well as in a wide range of publications including USA Today, New York Post, Huffington Post, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Globe and Mail, NOW Magazine, “O” the Oprah Magazine, and

Building on the theories of brain dominance and specialization that were pioneered by Carl Jung, Roger Sperry, Ned Hermann and Katherine Benziger, the Striving Styles Personality System includes eight Striving Styles that are easy to understand and apply to one’s own daily life. Since the System is a neuro-psychological approach to understanding the mechanics of the mind, the eight Striving Styles are based on the four quadrants of the brain, each with a specific function that it performs in our personality. Whether we are the Leader, Intellectual, Performer, Visionary, Socializer, Artist, Adventurer or Stabilizer, each of us is hardwired from birth to favor one of the Striving Styles. 

The authors’ approach is that everyone has an unconscious awareness of what their potential is along with the knowledge of who they are meant to be – their authentic self. For most, the authentic self takes a lot of trial and error to discover because it is unconscious. By fast tracking the process of becoming conscious, this approach brings the self, the mechanics of our mind and our predominant need into awareness. Who Are You Meant to Be? details how to use our Self-Actualizing System to think objectively and manage our behavior, and overcome our Self-Protective System that dominates when our predominant need goes unmet.

Going one step further than personality assessments that offer no interpretation or follow-up, Who Are You Meant to Be? includes a comprehensive developmental framework to move towards self-actualization. This step-by-step roadmap provides a clear guide for growth based on understanding the more dynamic aspects of one’s brain, emotions, behaviour and personality. It also shows how unmet needs can cause shifts in behavior that obstruct the achievement of our goals and, most importantly, what can be done about it.  

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Anne Dranitsaris and Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard coauthored Who Are You Meant to Be? as a result of their sixteen-year business collaboration. Anne Dranitsaris, PhD, brought a lifetime of study, hands-on clinical experience and a prolific writing career to the project. Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard’s professional coaching and speaking career, as well as her background in organizational and leadership dynamics also strongly influenced its development. The book was greatly influenced by their personal journey together. Anne gave up Heather at birth for adoption and a 27 year separation from each other followed. The authors had each been helping people to achieve their potential in different careers and, after their reunion, recognized how much they had in common despite their years of separation. Their business collaboration was initiated shortly after their reunion, followed by the development of the Striving Styles Personality System.

Who Are You Meant to Be? officially launched January 8, 2013 and is available in the following book stores across North America for purchase:,, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Indie Bound, and Indigo .

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If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with the Creators/Authors, Anne Dranitsaris and/or Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard, please contact Heather at 416.406.3939 or

Who Are You Meant to Be? Book

Who Are You Meant to Be? is a must have for anyone wanting to understand themselves and others in order to live a more satisfying, fulfilling life.

Dr. Anne Dranitsaris and her daughter, Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard
Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D and her daughter, Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard

Inspired by our children, our family, our clients and our friends, we wrote Who Are You Meant to Be? to give people a "user manual" for themselves.

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